Top Project Templates Every Client-Side Project Manager Should Use

Doug Vincent
Doug Vincent
June 13, 2024
Top Project Templates Every Client-Side Project Manager Should Use

As a project manager, there are endless different jobs to be done. Juggling client expectations, project milestones, and endless paperwork, there's always a different report, template or letter to prepare! But guess what? It doesn't have to be a nightmare.  

We've curated the ultimate collection of project templates that'll transform your project administration game. Say goodbye to hours spent wrestling with spreadsheets and hello to clear, concise, and client-ready documents that save you time and energy. These templates are your ticket to stress-free communication, showcasing project wins and keeping everyone in the loop – so you can focus on what truly matters: delivering exceptional results.

What is a Project Template?

A project template is a pre-designed document that comprehensively outlines what needs to be entered for a particular job in a standardised manner. These templates are critical in ensuring consistent documentation, enabling project managers to clearly and effectively communicate with contractors or stakeholders on regular and recurring tasks.

A group of managers working on multiple project plans and documents.
Managing a capital works project entails a lot of paperworks. Luckily, ready-made, free-to-download templates are easily accessible online.

Top Templates for Client-Side Project Managers of Capital Works Projects

1. Project Meeting Minutes

This template is meticulously designed to document all pertinent information during project meetings. It captures essential elements such as the date, time, location, attendees and their roles, agenda items, key discussions, decisions made, action items with assigned responsibilities and deadlines, and approvals. The structured format ensures nothing is overlooked, facilitating clarity and accountability, which is crucial for ongoing project governance and historical reference.

2. PCG Report Template

Tailored for Project Control Groups, this report template aids in compiling comprehensive updates on project progress, decisions, and strategic oversight. It includes sections on project status, financial updates, risks, and decision-making rationales, ensuring that all governance requirements are met and stakeholders are informed. In 2024, many project managers are using digital PCG reports and doing away with the old ones. Read more here

3. Governance Plan

This document outlines the decision-making framework for project management, specifying the roles and responsibilities of all involved parties. It ensures a clear understanding of how decisions are made, who is authorised to make them, and the process for dispute resolution, thereby fostering a transparent and accountable project environment. We recommend doing this before the project starts so you're set up for success.

4. Progress Claim Template

Essential for financial management and compliance, this template facilitates the submission of payment claims based on your contract's line items or milestones achieved. It helps document contract progress in alignment with contractual terms, aiding timely and accurate financial transactions. Most often, these are submitted by designers, engineers and contractors to a project manager, who then issues a payment certificate in response.

5. Payment Certificate Template

A Payment Schedule, sometimes called a Payment Certificate or Progress Certificate, is a formal document issued by the superintendent to a contractor in a construction project, certifying the amount of payment to be made to the contractor for work completed during a specified period. This certificate is a critical component of the payment process under construction contracts, serving as the basis for processing progress payments.

6. Project Risk Register

This 'old favourite' (joke) template is crucial for identifying, documenting, and managing risks throughout the project lifecycle. It includes fields for risk description, impact, likelihood, mitigation strategies, and status updates, helping project managers proactively address potential issues. Where they arise, negative risks (aka opportunities) can also be added to this register.  

7. Risk Management Plan

Focuses on the systematic process of identifying, analysing, and responding to project risks. It includes strategies for risk mitigation and outlines procedures for managing risk throughout the project lifecycle.

8. Procurement Plan

Provides a detailed approach to procuring the project's goods, services, and contracts. It includes timelines, selection criteria, and process flows, ensuring that procurement activities are aligned with project timelines and budgets.

9. S-Curve Excel Template

Offers an automated tool for financial spending over time in the classic construction 's curve' style, allowing project managers to generate what budget spending could look like quickly. It is an excellent tool for forecasting, benchmarking and performing scenario analysis.  

10. Cost Management Plan

This plan lays out strategies for estimating, budgeting, and controlling costs. It ensures that all financial aspects of the project are managed effectively to stay within the approved budget.

11. Project-on-a-Page Template

Summarises essential project information on a single page, offering a quick reference for project status, key milestones, budget, and risks, ideal for stakeholder briefings and regular updates. Sometimes, this is provided in addition to the PCG report mentioned above.

12. Schedule Management Plan

Details methodologies for planning, executing, and monitoring project schedules. It helps ensure timely project delivery and efficient resource management.

13. Project Dashboard Report

Similar to the project on a page, yet digital and interactive, it provides a heads-up display of real-time project metrics such as status, budget, schedule, and risks, essential for maintaining visibility and control over the project. Great to have on an iPad!

14. Stakeholder & Communications Plan

Organizes and documents strategies for engaging with stakeholders, ensuring effective communication throughout the project. It categorises stakeholders by interest and influence, tailoring communication strategies accordingly.

15. RFI Templates

Facilitates the process of requesting and receiving information. It ensures that all inquiries are addressed promptly and accurately, supporting effective project management and decision-making.

A photo of project managers working on project documentation using project templates.
Project templates gives you total control in organizing all the documentation you need for your capital works project.

Importance of Project Templates

Project templates are crucial for client-side project managers, especially those managing multiple capital works projects. These templates provide a standardised approach to documenting project progress and challenges, improving efficiency, enhancing communication, and supporting swift decision-making—key elements in successful capital project management.


Don't let reporting hinder your project's path to success. Take charge of your communication, impress your clients, and steer your capital projects confidently towards the finish line with these essential project report templates.  

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