Product Updates: September

Nick Wodzinski
Nick Wodzinski
September 28, 2021

We've released some new features in the risk module to help provide insights over projects, programs and portfolios of capital works. See them in this article and be sure to follow our newsletter to have them delivered straight to your inbox.

1. First Up: Risk Register Download

Our mission at Mastt is to digitise the capital works space by killing spreadsheets, but we've heard from the coal-face that Project Managers still want a way to download out their Mastt risk registers into xslx format.

You can now do this, at the click of a button in the risk module.

  • Share the Mastt risk register with non-Mastt users by exporting to excel.
  • Holding a risk workshop? Send around the register with the client or other stakeholders in a format they are familiar with (not everyone has seen the Mastt way just yet).
  • Append your monthly report with the risk register to meet your clients requirements.
Product Updates: September

Be sure to action any updates to the risk register in Mastt...that spreadsheet won't do the magic that we do in Mastt!

2. Risk Categorisation

The categorisation of risks is an integral part of risk identification. Whether your organisation or the one you are providing services too has a pre-established risk framework that mandates risk or impact categories, or you want to enrich your risk management framework by introducing your own categories, Mastt has flexible tools in the risk module to help risk analysis.

You've always been able to categorise your risks in Mastt, using our default template or by introducing your own framework, but we've now made available a new view in the risk charts that can aggregate risks by category over the project, program and portfolio level views.

The 'primary category' view displays the count of risks by severity, organised by primary category. This can provide you oversight of the biggest areas effecting risk on your project, program or portfolio.

Product Updates: September

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