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Essence PM boost efficiencies & deliver more projects with Mastt

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Key Results:

"..we would encourage anyone in the project management sector to really look at this tool…"


Essence Project Management is a vibrant and energetic employee-owned and operated project management consultancy, with a purpose to develop trusted relationships and deliver enduring places where people and communities thrive.

Established in 2016 and with offices across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, Essence has active projects in most Australian states and territories.

Their team of project managers offer expertise across a broad range of industries including hotels & hospitality, retail, commercial, education, build-to-rent, healthcare, and residential developments.


Gaining efficiencies and advantange in a competitive environment

Essence is operating in a competitive landscape while focusing on scaling up the business to become a national Project Management super power. This requires systems that can meet the demands of the changing industry environment while providing the highest standard of value to its clients and end-users of the projects they deliver, ensuring repeat work.

"The monthly reporting at the end of the month consumes a lot of our time as project managers - but working with Mastt helps reduce that time..."

About – Essence Project Management
Essence thrive on core value of Honesty, Excellence, Accountability,

Core to their services, the team at Essence are responsible producing reports on the progress and status of each project. This is a recurring compliance activity for Essence' team of project managers which consumes valuable time every month.

Monthly Reporting is critical and neccessary, yet takes project managers away from driving quality on-site where Essence can maximise value to their client's budget, delivering multi million dollar construction projects.

In addition, an unwavering need for each project to maintain the highest data security standards is critical for Essence to maintain trust and assurance.

"..we would encourage anyone in the project management sector to really look at this tool…"


"The project team have found a huge amount of efficiencies in the product, which has enabled the team to spend more time on the technical capability and delivery of the project"

Producing reports is made easy, supported by Mastt's best in class modules for critical client side project management tasks, such as maintaing project finances and risks.

Previously, project managers would waste valuable time duplicating effort and double handling data between spreadsheets and reports. With Mastt, financial management and reporting is automated in an easy to use solution.

"Very detailed, without being complicated to work with"

Essence makes use of Mastt's configurable dashboards for producing project progress snapshots without double handling data.

The output is a rich, visual report that highlights only the relevant data required for their client to get informed and make decisions quickly. With Australian hosted data, Essence can be sure their client's information is onshore and protected by the highest security standards.  

Currently under construction, the UNSW Health Translation Hub is set to integrate health education, training, and research with acute healthcare services, directly benefitting patients, carers and the NSW Community.  Essence Project Management has been engaged as client-side project managers overseeing the development

Ongoing Benefits

"Mastt has allowed Essence to take on more projects, absolutely"

Mastt has proven to be the right decision for Essence and met the needs of their business case with a reliable, trustworthy solution. Mastt has become a core component of Essence operations and now rely on the value that Mastt delivers.

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