Procore vs Mastt

Mastt and Procore stand out as two leading technology solutions in the construction industry, but both provide differing solutions to different parts of the industry.

This comparison explores the features of each and offers an overview so you can assess which best suits your needs.

Explore the Differences

An overview of Mastt & Procore

Procore was developed by CEO Craig "Tooey" Courtemanche to address the specific needs of contractors and builders, born from his own experiences with the complexities of construction project management. Procore is a great platform designed with construction site operations and contractor challenges in mind. So if you are a builder / contractor or involved heavily in the onsite construction of a project, Procore can provide great solutions.

In contrast, Mastt was co-founded a former Project & Program Management consultant, Doug Vincent, and targets the broader requirements/jobs ofproject and program management from the client or owner’s perspective. Managing projects across their entire lifecycle informs Mastt's approach, emphasizing comprehensive project oversight, cost control, and effective stakeholder communication. If your role is geared towards reporting to project owners or managing many projects as a program, Mastt is right for you.

Lets compare and contrast the features of each below across a Project lifecycle.

What Mastt Covers

Program & Portfolio

Provides Program Managers responsible for many projects with automated roll up of Project data for real-time visibility, standardisation and control.

Automated Roll Up

Automatically aggregates project data into for Program/Portfolio reporting, plus all the features you need for Program Controls (e.g. Program Risk, Program Budgeting etc)

Owner/Client Side

Provides Project Managers with simple, easy to use tools to replace their spreadsheets and make easy preparing reports, payment forms and more.

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Reporting & Dashboards

Provides self serve customizable reports and dashboards making it easy to produce, weekly, monthly, quarterly, board, risk or any type of report for Consultants & Owners. Replaces the need to prepare monthly reports in Microsoft Word

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Historical Report Storage

Provides for the storage / archiving of reports and easy retrieval of past reports for comparison and auditing.

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Risk, Issues & Opportunities

Facilitates the tracking and management of potential risks, issues, and opportunities for strategic decision-making (i.e. replaces your current risk register in excel and configurable to your 5x5 or 4x4 risk matrix)

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Budgeting & Forecasting

Create project budgets & sub-budgets to track performance contracts, variations, payments and perform cash flows. Tag budgets to roll-up budget data across multiple projects.

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Contracts & Payments

Makes easy the contract admin and payment processes, providing tools to upload contract schedules/line items and complete variations through to payment certification and letter production.

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Phases & Key Milestones

Enables tracking and management of project phases and key milestones to ensure timely delivery (e.g. through Inception, Planning, Design, Construction, ELP)

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Provides a centralized document management system for storingkey project documents.

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RAG Status & Safety

Tracks Red-Amber-Green health and safety statuses for easy 'traffic light' project reporting and executive decision making

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Audit History

Maintains a detailed audit trail for project activities and changes, ensuring accountability and transparency.

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Gallery Images

Offers a visual documentation tool for projects through image uploads and galleries.

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Project Templates

Enables the use of customizable project templates to streamline the setup and management of new projects.

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What Procore Covers

Builder / Contractor

Provides Construction Project Managers with comprehensive tools for all aspects of managing trades on a jobsite.

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Mail & Correspondance

Enables communication through forms / emails, centralising communications when managing many subcontractors and suppliers

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Submittals & RFI

Facilitates the review and approval process of construction documents & RFI when managing many subcontractors and suppliers

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Drawings & Documents

Provides a central hub for accessing and annotating up-to-date project drawings and documents when managing many subcontractors and suppliers

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Site Logs / Diary

Enables the recording and tracking of daily activities, weather conditions, and onsite work progress.

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Defect List / Punch Lists

Helps in creating and managing lists of tasks or defects that need to be completed before handover / occupancy.

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Offers an embedded Power Bi that gives visibility into usage of it's features e.g. submittals, documentation, etc

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Design / BIM Coordination

Facilitates collaboration and coordination among project stakeholders during the design phase, using Building Information Modeling (BIM).

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Workforce Planning / Resourcing

Assists in allocating and scheduling the right personnel and resources for efficient project execution.

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Safety & Quality

Enhances project safety and quality through standardized checklists, incident reporting, and compliance tracking.

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Contractor Financials

Provides tools for a contractor/builder managing subcontract project budgets, subcontractor cost codes and financial forecasts.

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Bid Management

Automates and organizes the subcontract bid process, from request for proposal (RFP) issuance to bid evaluation and selection.

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Automates the review and approval processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing project delays.

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