Get to Know the Mastt Team in the USA - Meet Jon, Paul and Nemesio

Hop Dao
Hop Dao
July 25, 2022

At Mastt, we've come to learn that PMCs usually struggle to find time and resources for monthly reporting and regular admin of their projects. We also understood that spreadsheets is a global "industry standard" that new construction tech solutions have to challenge.

With that vision, Mastt has focused on our presence outside of Australia, starting from the Middle East and North America region. Today we're excited to introduce our US team with 3 team members at the moment. Based in multiple states in the US, Jon, Paul and Nemesio are looking to challenge the "safe zone" within PMC teams, by introducing them to Mastt's automated reporting and analysis tools that totally remove the need for spreadsheets.

Jon Chesser

VP of Sales, North America

📍 Denver, Colorado

Jon has been in the construction tech space for the last 15 years. Most recently, Jon was part of building the Jovix Readiness® Platform from a small startup to a global business that was sold to Hexagon. Jovix was an award-winning materials management application developed specifically for the industrial asset market.

Prior to starting the Jovix journey, Jon was a Project Manager responsible for implementing large, complex software applications in the banking industry.

"I am so excited to start a new journey with Mastt. The company has had tremendous growth in Australia, and I am going to help them establish a US Entity, Office, Staff and help penetrate the North American Market. My goal is for Mastt to become the standard platform for owner’s capital projects oversight and governance in the North American Market," Jon said.

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Paul Cardone

Director, Strategic Accounts

📍 Houston, Texas

Paul has been in Sales and Sales Management for over 30-years working for 5 different technology startups in the project controls and project management space supporting capital projects. Four of the five startups when on to be acquired by publicly traded software companies.

One of Paul's notable positions is the Strategic Account Director of Atlas RFID Solutions - the company that develops and markets Jovix.

Paul is a proud father of three beautiful daughters and have been happily married for 31 years. He is a huge fan of live music of all kinds but especially enjoy Bruce Springsteen concerts - all 29 of them in 5 different States.

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Nemesio Alcazar Jr

Sales Development Representative

📍 San Francisco, California

Nemesio is based in California, US and has extensive experience in similar roles at Procore and Ceres Imaging.

When not busy helping digitise our clients' projects, Nemesio is a huge fan of motorsports (F1), baseball, and rowing. In his free time he stays active through cycling, spending time with friends and family, or finding a new league to participate in, his most recent being a go-kart racing league.

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