Start-Ups Can be Manically Paced … Here’s What’s Happened to Mastt in the Short Space of 6 Months

Doug Vincent
Doug Vincent
August 3, 2021

Mid-year is perhaps not the most common time for a review, but this time it is. 2021 has been a huge year for Mastt. Let’s all take a look back at what we have achieved in the first half of this year.  



Project Value


Active Projects


Payments Facilitated

From 3 to 35+

Team members

“I’m lucky to have been here since the start and have loved seeing the evolution of the product to what it is today. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Mastt will become,” - James Murdoch, Senior Program Manager, RPS.


In early 2021, Mastt raised $2.2m in a funding round led by Artesian and Significant Capital Ventures, together with Investible, Aconex founders Rob Phillpot and Leigh Jasper, and former CIO of Lendlease, Bob Hennessy. The funding plays a pivotal role in Mastt's preparation for global expansion and continuing the success of Australian tech entrepreneurs.

In April 2021, co-founder Jamie were named among Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia, among other talented young people looking to change the world through technology.

Over the course of 6 months, our system has seen major improvements. One particular focus was increasing the performance of claims page including the new grouping functionality, which are now saving our clients hours of time entering and updating claims. We have also made improvements to reporting on the dashboards, especially schedule and portfolio dashboard.

There wouldn't be such significant figures above to see without the strong team we have here at Mastt. At this point we have grown to over 35 people and we're looking to bring more talented people to the team. Two quarterly team building activities were held in February and June.

“Mastt is tackling a much under-serviced sector of the construction tech market in the project owners space ranging from the federal government's spending billions per year on projects, right down to high schools upgrading campus in what is traditionally a very low-tech office environment, but where the biggest impact decisions are made. The Mastt founders bring a winning blend of deep industry experience and tech team management, they are solving a complex problem that they have experienced first-hand and providing the tech grunt to scale up a global play in the sector,” Alexandra Clunies-Ross, Portfolio Manager Artesian said.

With less than 5 months until we wrap up 2021, Mastt continues to focus on our product development, as well as creating the building blocks of our global coverage. Now is the time to shift the focus from merely getting works done to getting them done better, starting from top down. There is still so much more to do, but we can't wait to see more opportunities become reality through the help of digital transformation. The best is yet to come.

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