What to Expect From Mastt in 2024

Doug Vincent
Doug Vincent
January 25, 2024
What to Expect From Mastt in 2024

2024 is here! As we advance into a new year, the Mastt team continues to uphold our mission of enabling built environments to be delivered through easy-to-use digital tools. Our slogan, to provide "Fast, easy reports & dashboards to power your capital projects" is more relevant than ever in the evolving world of capital project & program management.

Our journey so far has been marked by a commitment to innovation and customer-centric development, starting with Defence, Government and now across multiple sectors of the economy. Our current product is mature and has a clear return on investment model around replacing key reports at Project, Program, and Executive levels, delivering savings for client side project managers & key decision making for asset owners.  

Mastt is only going to get better in 2024, and we’re excited to be focusing efforts on four key areas:

1. Customer's enhancements for greater usability and reporting

Since Mastt's founding in late 2019, we've developed a suite of core project control and reporting tools. With this bedrock platform in place, we're ready to dive deeper into making Mastt even more user-friendly, enhancing data-entry automations, reporting capabilities, and focusing on key jobs-to-be-done by our users. Our dedication to improving a customers' experience with Mastt as they mature in the product is unwavering. Many of our customers are entering their 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th year of partnership with us and reaching impressive levels of maturity in their project execution.

What to Expect from Mastt in 2024: CEO Doug Vincent & Newcastle Airport Executive Director, Ben Kochanski
CEO Doug Vincent & Newcastle Airport Executive Director, Ben Kochanski.

These customers having accumulated a valuable pool of data, will be able to unlock this data like never before in 2024, delivering insightful trends and lessons learned. A return yielded from greater standardisation and normalisation of their data thanks to Mastt. This level of organisation will also prepare our customers for the future of AI enablement. Discover more about this maturity journey in our past blog post here.  

2. A Lighter Version of Mastt: Accessibility for All

Our vision is to have Mastt in the hands of every project and program manager in the US, Australia, and the MENA region. By introducing a lighter feature set of Mastt that is easier to use and more accessible (even a free version! *wink*), we're opening doors for client-side project management users to save time and resources without any initial investment early on in their projects.

3. Deeper Industry Partnerships: Expanding Our Global Footprint

Building on our existing relationships with global giants like Microsoft, various global standards organizations, and government bodies, 2024 is set to be a year of forging stronger alliances across the USA, MENA, and APAC regions. We plan to expand our partnerships into more localized institutes, regulatory bodies, and associations – embodying our role as domain expert & technology leader, bringing the industry into the future of digital, data & innovation (even if the industry is kicking and screaming!)

4. Domain Expertise in Capital Project & Program Management

Our global experience & broad ranging conversations have equipped us with privileged insights into project and program management delivery. This has allowed us to see the good, the bad and the ugly. Organisations are changing & evolving, trying new things to do better 📈, or regressing into the dark ages 😢.

What to expect from Mastt in 2024: Engaging with the rest of the industry and establish our domain expertise in the capital project and program management.
Mastt attending Texas Water Conservation Association Fall Conference 2023.

This year, we'll continue to synthesize these lessons into best practice blogs, tools, templates, and resources. Free resources like best practice dashboard tools are available now and free of charge on our soon-to-be-launched Template Library. We will share more blogs and articles regularly to keep disseminating thoughts, news and updates. This initiative reaffirms our position as domain experts, here to help no matter what, and contributes significantly to the industry's knowledge base. We can all do better.  

Conclusion: A Note of Gratitude

As we embark on another ambitious journey in 2024, we extend our thanks to our customers and partners around the globe. Your support and trust in Mastt have been pivotal in our growth and success, building a new platform for the most important but underserved area of the industry. Together, we look forward to a year marked by innovation, collaboration, and remarkable achievements delivering the best projects around the world.  

What to expect from Mastt in 2024: Our End-of-Year Industry Event is one way we show our gratitude to our customers and parnters.
Co-founders Doug & Jamie at Mastt’s 2023 End-of-Year industry event.

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