Project Dashboard Templates

Ready to use professional Dashboards Pack in PowerPoint format, including Board Report, Complex Dashboard, Portrait Dashboard and Simple Dashboard.

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About the Project Dashboard Templates

Dashboards need to make you look professional. Also, they must effectively communicate answers to mission critical key questions:

  • Are projects staying within budget?
  • What has been done since last report?
  • What is in progress and coming up next?
  • Any potential risks and their impacts?

Rather than communicating updates with hundreds of outdated and confusing spreadsheets, switch to one of these Microsoft PowerPoint based Dashboard Reports that you can easily customise and visualise all your important metrics - in one page.

Template Highlights

✔ We've researched thousands of Dashboards to create a gold standard template with best practices for communicating data anchors, context and status for effective decision making.

✔ Get this Project Dashboard Template pack certified as part of your Quality Management System.

✔ All the formatting, sectioning, headings, sub-headings, colors, is all ready to go.

✔ Start a new Dashboard today in Microsoft PowerPoint format.

What’s included

✔ Zip file of 4 x Dashboards / Reports (Board Report, Complex Dashboard, Portrait Dashboard and Simple Dashobard)

✔ Microsoft PowerPoint Formats.

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