Service Level Agreement

Keeping our service up and running is a high priority for us at Mastt.  We have taken reasonable measures to avoid downtime, which just to give one example includes running all our app-servers in clusters and avoiding any single point of failure.

In practice, this policy has resulted in Mastt averaging over 99.9% uptime since the launch of the platform. We believe this to be reasonable Application Availability1 and would take any negative variation very seriously.  

In our Support packages, we do not commit to any specific metrics since such commitments result in increased overheads to meet unnecessarily robust process and administration, at the cost of product development and business value for our customers.

We believe this policy makes sense for most Mastt customers. We strive to make the application available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year to all users, except for scheduled maintenance2 as per definitions below.  

In addition, we offer premium and enterprise support options, available for customers that believe an explicit SLA would make sense in their case.

Mastt Support Options


Standard Support

Premium Support

Enterprise support


- Australian Business hours
- Included in subscription costs

Faster response times

- Fastest response times
- Phone Support
- Senior Support Team






All Modules

All Modules

All Modules

Support Pricing

Included with paid standard software licence

Extra yearly fee of $2000 per organisation.

Extra yearly fee of $4000 per organisation.

Support Team

Mastt support team

Mastt support team

Senior Mastt support team

Phone Support

Not available

Not available

Dedicated Phone Number for P1 incidents

Support Tickets

Named Super User/ Site Admins.

Named Super User/ Site Admins.

Named Super User/ Site Admins.

Support Entitlements (who can raise support requests/tickets)

Named Super User/ Site Admins.

Named Super User/ Site Admins.

Named Super User/ Site Admins.

Live Chat Support (available soon)

All Users

All Users

All Users

Support Hours

9-5 Sydney Business hours (AEST in winter, AEDT in summer)

9-5 Sydney Business hours (AEST in winter, AEDT in summer)

9-5 Sydney Business hours (AEST in winter, AEDT in summer)

Commitment level

Indicative (IRT)

Committed (IRT)

Committed (IRT)

P1: Critical Impact3

P1: 6 business hours

P1: 2 business hours

P1: 1 business hour

P2: Significant4 Impact

P2: 12 business hours

P2: 6 business hours

P2: 2 business hours

P3: Minor Impact5

P3: 24 business hours

P3: 12 business hours

P3: 8 business hours

P4: Low Impact/Inquiry6

P4: 32 business hours

P4: 24 business hours

P4: 12 business hours

1. Application Availability (or Uptime) - the percentage of minutes in a month that the key components of the Service are operational. "Application Availability" will not include any minutes of downtime resulting from:

a. scheduled maintenance

b. events of force majeure

c. malicious attacks on the application

d. issues associated with The Customer’s own computing devices, local area networks or internet service provider connections

e. Mastt's inability to deliver services because of The Customer’s acts or omission.

2. Scheduled Maintenance - Mastt will provide updates and enhancements for the application on an ‘as available’ basis including the following:  

a. Functional enhancements that Mastt makes generally available to customers.

b. Enhancements to the application keep current with the third-party application application’s releases

c. Enhancements to the application provided by Mastt to keep current with changes in operating systems, user environment, etc.  

e. Bug fixes.

Scheduled Maintenance will be planned and communicated to customers 2 business days ahead of time and will be performed at a time which will minimise impact to customers as much as possible.

3. Priority 1 (P1) Critical Impact. Complete system outage e.g. users are not able to login to Mastt or Mastt is not loading and no procedural workaround is possible.

4. Priority 2 (P2) Significant Impact/Severe downgrade of services/ a business function or transaction process is not available. e.g. users are not able to access time sensitive reporting and they have an immediate deadline. Mastt is very slow to load. There is a viable workaround however it has material impact on the business of the customer.

5. Priority 3 (P3) Minor impact/Most of the system is functioning properly e.g. There is an issue which impairs some functionality but allows the customer to continue to use Mastt and a reasonable workaround is available.

6. Priority 4 (P4) Low Impact/Inquiry. Requests for information or guidance.

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