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Free Pay Application Continuation Sheet Template! Plus, an overview of AIA G703 Application for Payment's Continuation Sheet and Payapps in Construction generally for context and background.

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What is a Pay Application in Construction?

Before we dive into a continuation sheet, recall that a pay application in construction is a formal request for payment submitted by contractors to the project owner or general contractor. This document details the work completed and materials supplied within a specific period, typically a month. Pay applications ensure that contractors receive timely payments for their services, maintaining cash flow and project momentum. There can be two parts to a Pay Application - the covering Application for Payment, and an attached Continuation sheet.

What is a Continuation Sheet?

A continuation sheet in construction is used to supplement a pay application. Typically landscape A4, the sheet provides a comprehensive breakdown of the work completed and materials supplied within a specific period. It lists individual tasks, their associated costs, and the percentage of work completed, ensuring transparency and accuracy in the billing process.

An image of a continuation sheet presenting a table, schedule of values and work completed for a payment
A Continuation sheet is a supplement to a Payment Application in construction.

What is AIA G703?

The AIA G703 form, also known as the Continuation Sheet, is a document created by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) to supplement the AIA G702 form, also known as the Application and Certificate for Payment. It is used alongside the AIA G702 form to provide a detailed breakdown of the payment request. As AIA and it's forms are a trademarked by the American Institute of Architects, the AIA Document G702 and G703 require you buy a licence from the AIA.

AIA G702 and AIA G703

AIA G702 and AIA G703 are used together to streamline the construction billing process. The G702 form provides an overview of the payment application, while the G703 form offers a detailed breakdown of individual items.

AIA G703 Alternatives

While AIA G703 is a popular choice, there are alternatives available for continuation sheets. Some contractors and Project Owners may use custom forms tailored to their specific needs or project requirements. After all, it is just a basic table of the schedule of values yet tracks the cumulative progress of work over time. It includes previous payments, current work completed, and the balance to finish.

How to Fill in a Continuation Sheet

Filling in the AIA G703 form involves several key steps:

  1. Project Information: Enter the project's name, address, and the names of the contractor and project owner.
  2. Itemized List: Provide a detailed itemized list of tasks and materials, including descriptions and associated costs.
  3. Percentage of Completion: Record the percentage of completion for each item listed, based on actual progress.
  4. Work Completed: Calculate the value of work completed for each item by multiplying the cost by the percentage of completion.
  5. Stored Materials: Include the value of any materials stored on-site but not yet incorporated into the work.
  6. Previous Applications: Subtract the amounts previously billed in prior applications to avoid duplication.
  7. Current Application: Calculate the current amount due for each item by summing the work completed and stored materials, then subtracting previous applications.
  8. Total Amount Due: Sum all individual amounts to determine the total amount due for the current payment period.

If you are looking for how to fill in an AIA G702, AIA Contract Documents provides a resource here. Otherwise, a good example is also here.

Free Download Continuation Sheet Construction Template:

If you are looking for a standard Construction Pay Application Template Continuation Sheet compatible with any contract, included in this Continuation Sheet template is:

  • 1 x Excel Document Continuation Sheet Template

This Continuation Sheet Template is downloadable by filling in the form atop this page and ready for you to customize, and utilize for your next Payapp.

Software for Pay Applications in Construction

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A screenshot of Mastt's payment application form showing cells for data entry and line items for a schedule of values
Screenshot of Matt's Payment application form.