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From a single project to a global company roll-out,
Mastt can transform your organisation's delivery of
capital & infrastructure projects.

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"Mastt gives us a segregation of duties and the confidence that the data is up-to-date, correct and complete, which makes the decision easier around outstanding variations and approvals."

Elke Forrest
Business Manager, Oakhill College

Reliable, scalable & secure

It doesn’t matter whether you have thousands of small projects or the largest mega-programs, Mastt will deliver the highest level of performance and user experience for your teams in one secure platform.

Control, visibility & insight across your enterprise

Mastt helps your organisation efficiently manage capital projects from inception through to close-out, eliminating wasted time, unstructured data and errors caused by disparate systems. Gain new levels of insight and performance metrics across projects, resources and operations with Mastt.

Partnering for success

Mastt is obsessive on customer engagement and support! Our commitment to continuous improvement for industry means that we’re working alongside you for the long term as we invest in technology to support your organisation.

Transformation of your organisation’s capital and infrastructure project delivery starts with Mastt

We’ve developed an efficient capital project solution with the most innovative
leaders of industry. The result is a powerful system that brings data in
real time across your enterprise.

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Ensure best practice is exercised across all team members

Organisation Dashboards

See an organisation wide view of your projects in real time


Streamline communication, information and lessons learned across the organisation

Resource Mapping

Identify and analyse projects, people and performance across the organisation

Corporate Performance

Keep track of your organisations most important parameters such as capital expenditure and health metrics

User Permissions

Invite and remove team members easily to projects and set permission levels to maintain process

Multi Organisation

Invite external organisations to your platform including clients, stakeholders, and external project managers

Product Roadmap

Join in developing new features, tools, and value opportunities to improve your organisations service and delivery

Digital Innovation Program

Get access to new Mastt modules and features including the latest in AI, ML and other technologies

Unified Reporting

Ensure consistent, on-brand reporting so that stakeholders are experiencing a unified front from your organisation

Cloud Based

Access anywhere and on any device via secure cloud


Go one further and set up integrations to streamline internal processes and procedures

With Mastt, our client can see the status of the project anytime, reducing back and forth queries, and most importantly not having to wait until the end of the month to receive a monthly report.

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