Product Update: November

John Fisher
John Fisher
November 30, 2021
Product Update: November

Some exciting news for you – we have released a BETA version of the new Add Claim/Reimbursable Claim form which we have been working on with you.

You can now use this by going to in Cost > Claims on Mastt. Woo hoo! We really appreciate everyones input on this new feature. Have a play around and please share your feedback directly back to us either in this email or by booking a time with us here.

Recap of what’s new in the claim Beta release

  • New Add Claim: Access from Cost > Claims page only. In the new Add Claim, you also add multiple contracts into one claim form to save time.
  • Old Add Claim: You can still access from Cost > Overall.
  • Editing: Editing a claim will still bring up the old form for now (editing in the new form isn’t far away)
  • Auto Save: The new Add Claim form saves itself to prevent accidental data loss. If you refresh or navigate elsewhere, you wont lose your data. But don’t worry, you can reset the form down the bottom with ‘Reset’ if you need to.
  • Attachments: You can now drag and drop attachments into the form, you can also add multiple attachments in the one go.
  • Reimbursable: For Defence MC users, although you will see the ‘Reimbursable Claim tick box’ is disabled, you can still add multiple contracts into one form. The tick box when released will associate the contracts in the claim for editing in a single form and single Payment Statement generation (coming soon).

What’s Next:

  • Using the new form for editing claims.
  • Being able to produce payment schedule PDF.

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