Capital Project Cost Tracker in Excel

Capital Project Cost Tracker in Excel format to help you monitor and manage the financial aspects of your Capital Project or Program.

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About the Capital Project Cost Tracker

Capital Project cost tracking requires a specialized tool or system to monitor and manage the financial aspects of small, medium and large-scale construction projects. These Capital Projects & Programs typically involve engaging general contractors, client side project managers, project consultants and engineers all working toward delivering a physical asset such as buildings and infrastructure.

Benefits of a using Capital Project Cost Tracker for your project control include:

  • Budget Tracking and Management
  • Cost Control
  • Financial Reporting
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Audit and Compliance
  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Risk Management
  • Formats to pass into overall Reporting

This Capital Project Cost Tracker will educate you on the "how to" of monitoring and managing the financial aspects of a Capital Project and save you 10-20 hours setting up an Excel or spreadsheet tracker from scratch.

This checklist is great for client side project managers or anyone seeking best practice in Capital Project reporting!

Template Highlights

✔ We've worked on and researched thousands of Capital Projects & Programs to create a gold standard excel Cost Tracker

✔ Formatted and ready, Excel sheet with linked formulas and tabs for overall finances, budgets, contracts, variations/change orders, payments and more

✔ Gain consistency in a Capital Program by ensuring each Capital Project uses the same standardised template.

✔ Incorporate the Cost Tracker into your business Quality Management System

What’s included

✔ 1 x Excel Capital Project Cost Tracker with 7 pre-built tabs

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