Change Management Plan

Use this template to plan how the project will instigate and manage change in the project and organisation

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About the Change Management Plan template

Change can be hard! So when you're planning how to manage change on your project, with stakeholders, or within your organisation, it usually means:

  • Promote inclusiveness, consultation and timeliness in the early warning and management of changes to ensure a smooth transition into a new way of working.
  • Achieve engagement of relevant parties, input into the changes and open information sharing so everyone feels good!

How to use this Change Management Plan

Use this template in conjunction with relevant policies and procedures such as those relating to work health and safety, risk management and governance already in place.

Template Highlights

✔ We've participated in and researched thousands of Change Management Plans to create a gold standard template with best practices.

✔ Get this Change Management Plan template certified as part of your Quality Management System.

✔ All the formatting, sectioning, headings, sub-headings, appendicies, cover page, contents page, document control is all ready to go.

✔ Start authoring your Change Management Plan today in this easy to use Microsoft Word format.

What's Included

✔ 1 x Microsoft Word format Change Management Plan template.

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