Project Portfolio S Curve Excel Template

Ready to use Project Portfolio S Curve template in excel format for up to 36 projects.

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About the Project Portfolio S Curve Excel Template Template

The Project Portfolio S Curve is a vital Capital Project Portfolio management tool that graphically represents cash flow for up to 36 projects over time to monitor performance, budget, and resource allocation. It is essential for communicating with Capital Project Portfolio stakeholders, such as general contractors, client-side project managers, project consultants, and project sponsors, offering a visual insight into the pace and trajectory of project spend, milestones and financial health.

Rather than you having to learn advanced spreadsheet formulas or logistic and cumulative distribution functions, use this template we've creatd for an s curve formula in excel free.

S Curve Excel TemplateTemplate Highlights

✔ Developed by leveraging industry standard logistic and cumulative distribution functions to provide an accurate and reliable tool for a project s curve graph.

✔ Up to 36 Projects can be modelled to create a 10 Year Capital Project Portfolio plan

✔ Comes pre-configured with dynamic charts and formulas, ready to use with minimal setup for immediate insight into your project's status.

✔ Editable Excel format for flexibility and customization.

What’s included

✔ 1 x Microsoft Excel Template for up to 36 Projects

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