Probability Impact Matrix

A Probability Impact Matrix is a grid diagram to map out the probabilities of risks occurring on your project vs their impact if/when they occur.

Probability Impact Matrix

Think of a table grid. On one axis we place risks with an estimate the probability of a risk occurring (probability scaled from Very Low to Very High). On the other axis, we rate the Impact of the risk if it was to occur (Impact rated from Very Negative to Very Positive).

By giving each risk a rating, it allows project risks to be allocated into priority groups. Is it a high priority? Does the risk carry a high probability and a high impact? If yes, then we need to focus on that. The risks with low probability and low negativity can probably be left for later.

This pragmatic risk management method helps project managers and owners quantify both the likelihood and potential impact of project risks, providing a powerful means to prioritize risk response and mitigation strategies.

Our forward-thinking software integrates the Probability Impact Matrix, offering you an interactive and intuitive platform to:

  • Assess Risks: Identify potential risks and rate their probability and impact
  • Prioritize Actions: Determine where to concentrate efforts based on a quantified understanding of risks
  • Informed Decision-Making: Implement strategies with the confidence of data-backed insights

Consider an infrastructure construction project where several risks have been identified. One such risk might be the probability of key construction material shortages, leading to delays. Using a Probability Impact Matrix, you can assess the likelihood of this supply disruption and its impact on project timelines. This informed perspective enables you to aptly allocate resources, perhaps by sourcing alternative suppliers in advance to mitigate potential delays.

By harnessing the power of a Probability Impact Matrix within our software, you make the shift from reactive to proactive project risk management. Navigate the complexities of capital projects bolstered by tech-enabled insights, cultivating a strategic action plan designed for success. We understand your needs and help you advance confidently, making complex decision-making a little less complex and a lot more efficient.