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Free Stakeholder Matrix Template. Ready to use Microsoft Excel format for Stakeholder Identification.

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What is a Stakeholder Matrix?

A stakeholder matrix is a visual representation that plots stakeholders on a grid based on two key parameters: their level of interest and their level of influence. This tool helps in prioritizing which stakeholders to focus on, ensuring that those who are most important to the project are appropriately engaged.

What is a Stakeholder Matrix Template?

A Stakeholder Matrix Template is a critical tool used in Project Management to identify, categorize, and analyze the stakeholders of a project. This template helps project managers and teams understand the stakeholders’ interests, influence, and importance to the project, allowing them to develop appropriate strategies for engagement and communication.

How to Use This Stakeholder Matrix Template

This Stakeholder Matrix Template is designed to be user-friendly and comprehensive, helping you effectively manage your project's stakeholders. Here’s how to use the template:

  1. Stakeholder Identification: Identify all individuals, groups, or organizations that have an interest or stake in the project. Use the provided table to list each stakeholder along with their role, organization, influence level, and interest level.
  2. Plot Stakeholders: Use the matrix to plot each stakeholder based on their influence and interest levels. This visual representation helps prioritize engagement strategies.
  3. Develop Engagement Strategies: For each category in the matrix, outline specific engagement strategies to manage stakeholders based on their influence and interest. Tailor your communication and involvement approach accordingly.
  4. Summarize in a Table: Use the Stakeholder Summary Table to provide a concise overview of each stakeholder’s influence, interest level, and the corresponding engagement strategy.

Example of a Stakeholder Matrix Entry

Imagine you were on a recent capital project, and the project manager identified key stakeholders and plotted them on the matrix based on their interest and influence levels. For example, Alice Johnson, a client from XYZ Industries with high influence and high interest, will be engaged through regular meetings and detailed reports to ensure her active involvement in decision-making.

A diagram of a stakeholder matrix showing four quadrants
You will find this Stakeholder Matrix inside the free stakeholder matrix template.

This structured approach helped the team focus their efforts on the most critical stakeholders, enhancing project communication and collaboration.

Template Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Identification: Includes detailed fields for capturing essential stakeholder information.
  • Visual Representation: Plots stakeholders on a grid to prioritize engagement strategies.
  • Customizable: Adaptable to suit the specific needs of any project or organization.
  • Professional Layout: Ensures clarity and professionalism in documentation.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Word Document Stakeholder Matrix Template: Ready for you to download, customize, and utilize for effective stakeholder management.

How Mastt can help with Stakeholder Management

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