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August 8, 2022 2:30 PM


MDT (Denver)

Conducting a risk workshop using Mastt’s Risk module

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There are significant opportunities to save time and costs for large Capital Projects with effective risk management.

Rather than the traditional (but risky!) method of spreadsheets, PMCs are now impressing their clients with solutions that gives them real-time updates, better visualizations and secure data entry.

One even cooler thing you can do with Mastt (and only Mastt!) is integrating risk management with costs. The system does that by automatically feeding financial risk provisions into cost planning and forecasting.

Want to see how that works? In this webinar, Barton Johns, Project Director for the Australian Department of Defence at Jacobs, will share his experience running a Risk Workshop through Mastt. Jacobs has trusted Mastt on multiple high quality programs of defense infrastructure works, in Australia and overseas.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Spreadsheet-free risk management in Mastt
  • Automated dashboards that present risks and impacts on cost & schedule
  • How to communicate risks with powerful data visualizations
  • Decision-making and collaboration around a single source of risk truth

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Check out how Mastt helps PM consultants with better approaches to managing cost and risks.


Jon Chesser

Jon Chesser

VP of Sales, North America


Jon Chesser

Barton Johns

Project Director