Top 8 PMCA: Introduction to the Defence CFI PMCA Panel

Doug Vincent
Doug Vincent
March 21, 2024

Are you in the construction industry and looking to get into major Defence Capital Works Projects? If you are, it is important you get to know the Top 8 firms appointed by Defence CFI to the Defence Infrastructure Panel (DIP) for Project Management and Contract Administration (PMCA) Services.

Defence's Capital Facilities Infrastructure Branch (Defence CFI) has selected this group of companies for the 2022 – 2027 PMCA Panel to ensure that capital works projects are managed effectively and meet high standards in delivery.  

Let's get to know the Top 8 Client Side Project Management firms appointed by Defence CFI to undertake PMCA services.

1. APP Corporation Pty Ltd (APP)

LinkedIn: APP Corporation Pty Ltd

APP is located in Canberra and specialises in project management and contract administration. Defence sector CEO Mathew Bradley is a key person alongside the Panel representative, Richard Tanzer.  

2. Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd (Aurecon)

LinkedIn: Aurecon

Aurecon is a global engineering and infrastructure advisory company. Nancy Francis, the Panel representative, ensures that Aurecon contributes innovative and engineering-focused solutions to the panel.

Mastt is proud to support Aurecon on several projects. Recently, Aurecon was appointed as the inaugural Guided Weapons and Explosive Ordnance Enterprise Partner.

3. Beca Pty Ltd (BECA)

LinkedIn: Beca

Based in Brisbane, Beca offers various engineering and management consultancy services. Pete Muir, the Panel representative, emphasises Beca's commitment to delivering technically excellent projects. BECA recently welcomed Daniel Foley to their Australian Defence and National Security team as a strategic hire after 14 years in the Australian Army.

4. Currie & Brown Mott MacDonald (CBMM Joint Venture)

LinkedIn: Currie & Brown and Mott MacDonald

This joint venture combines the expertise of Currie & Brown and Mott MacDonald in delivering PMCA services. Phil Oxley, the Panel representative, leads the venture. Currie & Brown and Mott MacDonald are new to the Defence Infrastructure Panel.

5. GHD Pty Ltd (GHD)

LinkedIn: GHD

GHD is well-known for its professional services in global markets, ranging from project management to design. Damian Drain, the panel representative, leads GHD's efforts with Mark Moussally, who focuses on delivering PMCA projects.

6. Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd (Jacobs)

LinkedIn: Jacobs

Jacobs is a global leader in engineering, technical, professional and construction services. Mirsad Abdic, the Panel representative, ensures Jacobs delivers innovative projects in the defence sector. Jacobs is currently the Program Manager for many large Defence projects and programs.

Jacobs manages the Riverina Redevelopment Program, improving and expanding the facilities and infrastructure at multiple Defence estates. Mastt is a proud supporter of Jacobs.

7. KBR/Conscia

LinkedIn: KBR, Inc. and Conscia

The joint venture between KBR and Conscia brings together global consulting expertise with clout in project management to provide a compelling solution to Defence for PMCA services. Ex-Royal Australian Navy CAPT Nick Tate from KBR leads as the panel representative.

8. RPS AAP Consulting Pty Ltd (RPS)

LinkedIn: RPS Group

RPS offers consultancy services across various professional fields and is a leader in PMCA for Naval projects and programs. Panel representative Michael Owens utilises RPS' diverse range of group companies to manage and execute defence projects effectively along with Executive Director and ex-Army officer Geoff de Jongh.

Mastt is proud to assist CFI on the multi-billion Navy Capability Infrastructure Sub-program.
Mastt is proud to assist CFI on the multi-billion Navy Capability Infrastructure Sub-program.

How to Get Involved

Contractors looking to engage in upcoming projects should utilise AusTender, the Australian Government's procurement information system. By regularly checking AusTender at, contractors can access the latest procurement opportunities, requests for tenders, and information on awarded contracts.  

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