Project Manager Reporting Pack

Digby Harlow
Digby Harlow
April 14, 2022

Impress your team with Mastt Project Manager Reports.

Project reporting for a capital works project can be difficult and often time consuming, especially when you’re starting out and setting up the format and process. Mastt’s suite of reporting templates will enable you to deliver a comprehensive report that engages and empowers those you’re reporting to, so they can make informed decisions and ultimately keep the project on track and under budget.

No more long boring Project Reports!

There’s no compliance criteria that says reports have to be long and boring; why can’t they be concise and interesting? The Mastt Project Manager Reporting Pack provides efficient and effective templates to report on construction or capital works projects.

Our project reporting package contains 4 free templates and a Mastt example report. The templates enable client-side project managers like you to capture all key reporting information for the project. Included with the templates is a full appendix of project reporting documents relevant to capital works and infrastructure projects.

Benefits for Project Managers.

  • Monthly Project Report package for free
  • Compliance reporting easily implemented
  • Well-organised and presentable structure
  • Clear information for informed decisions
Project Manager Reporting Pack: Download the Mastt Templates in editable .doc and .xls formats.
Download the Mastt Templates in editable .doc and .xls formats.

What's in a Capital Works Project Report?

The pack contains a best practice Monthly Project Report for capital works. It covers bases for reporting on items such as ISO compliance, cost, schedule, risk, design, and construction to name a few.  For any size project, the templates offer a customisable springboard to dive into as much or as little detail as you and your project require. It’s easy to download and customise to your project.

Guidance notes are included to provide ideas to get the reporting-ideas flowing and showcase the project progress. These will help you divide and conquer the report to assign a precise purpose to each section and clearly cover it.

These project templates are an excellent solution for PMs who do not subscribe to Mastt's software for project reports. Mastt eliminates the use of spreadsheets and creates beautiful concise reports for Capital Works projects. For a Project Manager, the ease of project reporting in Mastt is even simpler than these templates, saving time and reducing stress at monthly reporting time.

Download our Project Manager Reporting Pack. Complete the form and we will email the links to your inbox to keep FREE forever.

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