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Jacob Edwards

Funds Manager

Since moving to Mastt, our reporting regime has become a lot simpler. We are able to report in real time so there's no delay in financial data being updated. The time it takes is a lot quicker, making the fund a lot more efficient for investors.

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Mastt understands the challenges the Health sector is facing

Australia’s healthcare sector is facing a growing burden of chronic disease, mental health issues and an aging population. We need to build and improve our health facilities to meet increasing demand.

Australia's public and private investments into a stronger health system total $537 billion over the next 4 years.

The industry, due to its scale and complexity, is dealing with a lack transparency in project finances and progress at a project, program and portfolio level.

Mastt is built for success in delivering Health-related capital works

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Complete visibility at Project, Program & Portfolio levels

Gain data and insights across multiple Health projects to make proactive program and portfolio decisions

Fast and simple finances management

Set your Health program or portfolio up for success by automating the roll up of financial data across projects into programs, portfolios, regions and more with quick and easy drill down functionality.

Communicate more effectively with powerful visualisations

Cut through the noise of tabular data by focusing on your most important metrics.

We are making a real impact


Mastt systems have resulted in a 76% increase in forecast accuracy.


Thanks to Mastt’s transparency across finances, 2% of extra capital locked up in contingencies has been released to use across other projects.

90 to 0

Reporting times are slashed to zero as data is available in crystal clear dashboard reports accessible in real time.