Powerful schedule management dashboards for capital improvement programs

Fast, easy and standardised way to track project milestones & phases. See cross program interdependencies like never before.

“The display of data in form of graphics is really, really great. I will show this to the board so that they can look at using Mastt on the next project.”

Elke Forrest
Business Manager, Oakhill College

Complete visibility at Program & Portfolio levels

Access the performance of all projects and make decisions fast around project interdependencies or de-conflictions in one single view. Get each project operating on the same drumbeat.

Discover risks & opportunities through powerful visualisation

Say goodbye to reviewing Gantt charts for each project. Mastt’s Racehorse view offers a smarter way to view overall program and portfolio schedule in one single place.

Keep project plans & schedule on track

Instantly create, monitor and track key project milestones. Easily view the status of past project milestones and stay ahead of upcoming milestones.

Plan your work smarter with Mastt

No more long hours reviewing Gantt charts & spreadsheets, Mastt lets your team drive the future project decision making and planning and unlock the value of your project data.

Project Schedule

Tracks your project through each stage, milestone, gate or phase depending on your organisation

Program Schedule

The schedule 'racehorse' view shows all milestones with planned dates for all projects in your program / portfolio

Health Reporting

Benchmark baseline, planned and actual dates to measure performance of a program of work

With Mastt, our client can see the status of the project anytime, reducing back and forth queries, and not having to wait until the end of the month to receive a monthly report.

Discover Mastt's impact

Mastt has saved our team significant time and effort in managing the financials elements of 65+projects. The team now has total visibility over their individual projects as well as the overarching program of works.

Discover Mastt's impact
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Mastt takes away a lot of user error that spreadsheets bring. With Mastt, we are able to combine multiple projects into programs or portfolios for management level analysis and direction.

Discover Mastt's impact

Mastt is increasing the team’s tempo and productivity by enabling real time information across our portfolio of projects. This transparency is assisting us to make informed decisions, to identify opportunities and reduce the risk.

Discover Mastt's impact

Mastt's ability to record critical financial information as well as program forecasted delivery and milestones put Jacobs in a favourable position to our clients.

Discover Mastt's impact
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Moving to Mastt is one of the best decisions my team has ever made. It’s cost-effective, easy to use, and a quick set up.

Discover Mastt's impact

A key factor in our decision to adopt Mastt is its user-friendliness. It had to continue to empower us to work smart, allowing us to consistently deliver excellence across multiple sectors and geographic regions.

Discover Mastt's impact

Delivering Power to Capital Projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload MS Project or Primavera files to Mastt?

Direct uploads of MS Project or Primavera files aren't supported just yet, but is coming very soon.

Is Mastt a Gantt Chart or Scheduling tool?

Whilst Mastt isn't a Gantt Chart tool, it effectively represents your schedule milestones and phases simply and easily for reporting.

How do I highlight key milestones in my Mastt schedule?

Within your Mastt schedule, important milestones can be labelled as 'Key' for easy identification and tracking.

What information is needed to keep the Schedule module updated in Mastt?

Keep your Schedule module current by updating milestone dates as your project progresses.

How do I add project-specific milestones in Mastt?

Mastt enables you to add unique milestones to your project schedule for detailed tracking.

Can I customize Schedule Phases & Milestones in Mastt?

Yes, Mastt allows you to fully customize your project's schedule phases and milestones.

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