Real time financial management tools

Empower individuals, projects and programs with access
to transparent, real time financial information to save
time and make decisions quickly.

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"Mastt uses a lot of cost management principles that clients and contractors would be familiar with, but takes away a lot of user errors that spreadsheets bring. It combines multiple projects into programs or portfolios to filter data for management level analysis and direction."

erik maasepp

Fast and simple cost management without spreadsheets

Manage accurate project budgets and final forecast cost with reliable data. See in real time how your project, program or portfolio is tracking across commitments, cash flow and more.

Save time with automated tools and aggregated data

Set your program or portfolio up for success by automating the roll up of financial data across projects into programs, portfolios, regions and more with quick and easy drill down functionality.

Communicate more effectively with powerful visualisations

Cut through the noise of tabular data by focusing on your most important metrics. Mastt's custom visualisations make your information digestible so you can analyze any report at a glance.

Get off spreadsheets for the
most critical project control

We’ve developed the world’s most simple financial management tools for project managers and project owners. Gone are the days of locking one team member to managing a spreadsheet.

Whether you've got 1 or 100 projects, gain never before possible levels of efficiency with Mastt

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Project Finances

Digital ledgers and smart forms to provide all the tools necessary to run a project with financial precision

Program and Portfolio Finances

Automated roll up of project financial data in real time so you can see the true state of the portfolio

Overall Reporting

Track costs back to budgets to see gains, overruns, and progress with 100% transparency

Budgets and Changes

Keep track of budgets, sub-budgets and budget transfers easily. Build any budget hierarchy to any number of layers

Contract Management

Manage, store and administer contracts with detailed audit history. Manage all contracts with digital contract registers

Progress Claims and Variations

Manage and report on variations and progress claims for all project contracts seamlessly with digital ledgers

Risk Integrated

Integrate your cost and risk controls to ensure your finances accurately show the real state of risk based on the risk register

Contingency and Uncommitted

Accurately manage uncommitted amounts and all project contingencies so that you never go over budget

Cash Flow

Report on cash flow actuals, projections, baselines, and targets with confidence

Certificates and PDFs

Produce branded certificates and PDF’s direct from the system to save time producing from spreadsheets and documents

Extract to Excel or Power BI

Extract data to excel anytime with clean tables for further data manipulation

Benchmarking and Statistics

Spot trends and make decisions with benchmarking and performance data across projects

With Mastt, our client can see the status of the project anytime, reducing back and forth queries, and most importantly not having to wait until the end of the month to receive a monthly report.

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