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Replace spreadsheet risk registers instantly and unlock opportunities to complete Capital Projects earlier with reduced costs

Replace your spreadsheet Risk Register today!

We’ve developed the world’s most easy to use risk management tool to save time and automate risk reporting

Fast, Easy Risk Assessment

Best practice risk assessment configurable to your risk matrix. Easily conduct risk assessments based on likelihood and impact ratings integrated with project controls and budgeting.

Simple Risk Analysis, Risk Management

Streamline risk analysis and risk management with easy to use, intuitive tools. Leverage powerful risk visualisations to conduct risk evaluation and reporing. Build risk dashboards and status reports for any purpose.

Risk matrix showing pre and post treatment ratings
A bar chart showing total risks across 7 categories

Maximise Risk Mitigation

Conduct risk evaluation and risk mitigaton confidently through risk data analysis by category, risk rating, risk owner and more. Focus treatment effort strategically to maximise cost and time savings.

Total Project Portfolio Risk Register Visibility

Make fast, informed decisions across projects with all risk registers digital, centralised and aggregated automatically in real-time. Apply risk register templates for standardization and best practice.

A table of risks on multiple projects with rows unravelled revealing more data.

"Mastt enabled real-time management of project risks in a visual format which encourages project stakeholder input. It is a welcome change from traditional spreadsheets."

Barton johns
project director, jacobs

Customize & Configure

Customize & configure dashboards, charts, maps, visualizations, tables and other components right out of the box!

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Project Roll Up & Aggregate

Automatically roll-up and aggregate projects into programs, portfolios, regions, assets and more.

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Risk Register

Eliminate spreadsheet risk registers with a single, easy to use table for project & program risks.

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Upload Data

Quickly upload project data from spreadsheets and other sources with copy + paste, drag drop or import.

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Cost Tracker

Automate financial project controls, including budgets, contracts, payments, forecasting & more in a single table for projects or programs.

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Fast & automated dashboards, reports. Charts, maps, visualizations and other components out of the box!

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Data Extract

Easily extract and download project data in the format you need.

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Identify the cause of a risk and apply impacts & treatments.

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Risk Matrix

Configure a 5x5 or 4x4 risk matrix to assess risk likelihood and impacts.

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Treatments (Mitigations)

Add treatments to reduce the impact or likelihood of a risk occuring.

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Treatments (Mitigations)

Impacts (Consequences)

Add impacts to a risk and assess the pre-treatment likelihood and impact rating.

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Impacts (Consequences)

Andrew Benn, WSP Technical Director

"With Mastt, our client can see the status of the project anytime, reducing back and forth queries, and not having to wait until the end of the month to receive a monthly report."

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Rebecca White, RPS Program Manager

"Mastt has saved our team significant time and effort in managing the financials elements of 65+projects. The team now has total visibility over their individual projects as well as the overarching program of works."

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Erik Maasepp, Capital Insight Senior Project Manager

"Mastt takes away a lot of user error that spreadsheets bring. With Mastt, we are able to combine multiple projects into programs or portfolios for management level analysis and direction."

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CAPT. Dan Foley, Army Digital Transformation Manager

"Mastt is increasing the team’s tempo and productivity by enabling real time information across our portfolio of projects. This transparency is assisting us to make informed decisions, to identify opportunities and reduce the risk."

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A headshot of a male office worker wearing a suit

Dan Atkins, Jacobs National Program Manager

"Mastt's ability to record critical financial information as well as program forecasted delivery and milestones put Jacobs in a favourable position to our clients."

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A headshot of a male office worker wearing a suit

Mohammed Salameh, Compass' Associate Director

"Moving to Mastt is one of the best decisions my team has ever made. It’s cost-effective, easy to use, and a quick set up."

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A headshot of a male office worker wearing a suit

Fergus Bruce, Project Manager at WSP

"A key factor in our decision to adopt Mastt is its user-friendliness. It had to continue to empower us to work smart, allowing us to consistently deliver excellence across multiple sectors and geographic regions."

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Delivering Power to Capital Projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of customer support is available?

Mastt provides three tiers of support which you can read about here. We love our customers, and most deal with us over phone, email or through help.mastt.com. We also have the industry's largest free template library to support our customers here.

Can I export to excel?

Yes, you can download spreadsheets anytime directly from within the application.

Can I access a demo to play with the system?

Yes, simply click 'Get Started' in the top right today!

Can I use Mastt for a Risk Workshop?

Mastt's risk data visualizations and detailed registers are great aids for in-depth risk workshops.

Can I export a Risk Register from Mastt?

Absolutely, export your Risk Register from Mastt in various formats including a spreadsheet.

How do I upload my Risk Register to Mastt?

Direct uploads of Risk Registers aren't supported just yet, but Mastt's team will assist in setting up your initial data.

Can you configure the Risk Matrix in Mastt?

Yes, tailor the Risk Matrix in Mastt to align with your organization's risk management framework.

Can I set up specific Risk Categories in Mastt?

Yes, customize Risk Categories in Mastt to reflect your organization's risk management framework.

What are Mastt's pricing options?

Head to mastt.com/pricing to see all our pricing.


Hundreds of companies trust Mastt for project management

From Payments to Portfolio, your end to end solution to save time, costs and accelerate Capital Projects.

Mastt has provided the team with total visibility over their individual projects as well as the overall program of work. It has reduced the need for numerous spreadsheets, which prevents errors from occurring and allows risks and issues to be picked up earlier.

Rebecca White


Risk management and communication of the risks at different business levels is excellent.

Mathew Jetson


The risk module is interactive and a welcome change from traditional spreadsheets. The Mastt team have been very supportive in assisting in planning project risk workshops. I highly recommend the Mastt risk module to other construction professionals.

Barton Johns


I have used the Mastt risk module on my recent projects with great success. The module has enabled real-time management of project risks in a visual format, which encourages project stakeholder input. I highly recommend the Mastt risk module to other construction professionals.

Barton Johns


With Mastt, it is so great to get constrained data instead of all the stuff that comes out of the wash... death to spreadsheets!

Geoff Barton


Take control of every step in your Capital Project lifecycle