Project Risk Register Template

Use this template to identify, track and treat any risks that could impact your project

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About the Project Risk Register template

A risk register template is an indispensable tool for project management, offering the project a centralized database for identifying, analyzing, and monitoring project risks.

How to use this Risk Register

This template not only promotes effective communication and accountability but also serves as a vital record for compliance, reporting, and future project planning. By providing a clear structure for tracking and managing risks, it is essential for ensuring project success and continuous improvement in risk management practices.

This Risk Register should be used to:

  • Centralize your Risk Repository
  • Provide Visibility and Awareness to your team, clients and stakeholders
  • Facilitate Risk Analysis, including Risk Workshops
  • Aid in Risk Mitigation Planning
  • Track and Monitor Risks, Events, Treatments
  • Accountability and Responsibility
  • Historical Record for Future Projects
  • Compliance and Reporting

Template Highlights

✔ We've researched thousands of Risk Registers to create a gold standard template with best practices.

✔ Get this Risk Register certified as part of your Risk Management Plan or Quality Management System.

✔ All the formatting, matrix, descriptions, categories are all ready to go.

✔ Start authoring your Risk Register today in Microsoft Excel format.

What's Included

✔ 1 x Microsoft Excel format Risk Register template.

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