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Free Change Request Form. Ready to use Microsoft Excel format for construction change requests.

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What is a Change Request?

A change request is a formal document submitted by stakeholders or team members to propose modifications to a project's original plan. Often submitted in a Change Request Form (to aid standardization), it includes details such as the description of the change, the reason for the change, the impact on the project, and any associated costs or benefits. The change request process is vital for managing project changes in a controlled and systematic manner.

What is a Change Request Form?

A Change Request Template or Change Request form is an essential tool used in Project Management to formally propose changes to the scope, timeline, budget, or other critical aspects of a project. This template ensures that all proposed changes are documented, evaluated, and approved before implementation, helping to maintain project control and accountability.

Change Request vs. Change Order

While a change request and a change order both involve modifications to a project, they serve different purposes and are used at different stages. A change request is typically submitted during the project planning or execution phases to propose adjustments to the project’s scope, timeline, budget, or resources, and requires formal approval before implementation. On the other hand, a change order is a formal agreement that alters the terms of the original contract, often used in construction projects, and is issued after the change request is approved. The change order legally amends the contract to reflect the agreed-upon changes, ensuring all parties are contractually bound to the new terms.

How to Use This Change Request Form Template

This Change Request Template is designed to streamline the process of submitting, reviewing, and approving change requests. Here’s how to effectively use the template:

  1. Describe the Change: Clearly articulate the proposed change, including a detailed description of what is being changed and why the change is necessary.
  2. Assess the Impact: Evaluate the impact of the change on the project’s scope, timeline, budget, and quality. Include an assessment of risks and benefits associated with the change.
  3. Provide Justification: Explain the reason for the change and provide a justification. This could be due to new information, stakeholder requests, regulatory changes, or unforeseen issues.
  4. Estimate Costs and Resources: Document any additional costs or resources required to implement the change. Include estimates for labor, materials, and any other expenses.
  5. Approval and Sign-off: Include a section for approvals from relevant stakeholders, such as the project manager, project owner, and other key decision-makers. Ensure that the change is formally approved before proceeding.

Example of a Change Request Entry

Imagine that in a recent capital project, a change request was submitted to extend the project timeline by two weeks due to delays in material delivery. The change request form included a detailed description of the delay, the impact on the project's scope, schedule, and budget, along with the additional costs involved. After thorough evaluation, the project manager and project owner reviewed and approved the change request. Following this approval, a change order was issued to formally amend the contract, reflecting the new terms and ensuring all parties were legally bound to the updated timeline and budget.

Template Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Fields: Includes sections for change description, impact assessment, justification, cost estimates, and approvals.
  • Easy Tracking: Facilitates tracking of change requests from submission to approval and implementation.
  • Customizable: Adaptable to meet the specific needs of any project or organization.
  • Professional Layout: Ensures clarity and professionalism in documentation.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Word Document Change Request Template: Ready for you to download, customize, and utilize for effective change management.

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