Project Scope

Project Scope is the agreed summary of all parameters in a capital project – including the goals, deliverables, tasks, costs, and deadlines. It should describe a clear vision of what the project is set to achieve, so that all involved parties understand the boundaries, responsibilities and success criteria at its conclusion. It outlines key stakeholders, assumptions, and constraints.

Project Scope

The project scope is sometimes called a statement of work, scope statement, or terms of reference document. It is usually included in the overall project management plan.

For instance, consider a transit infrastructure upgrade project. The project scope may include constructing a new metro line, purchasing new trains, and training metro employees. However, it might specifically exclude upgrading the metro station's commercial outlets. Clearly defining this scope ensures that all project efforts are coordinated and focused towards the defined outcomes, paving a well-lit path towards project success.

Harness our technology to create and manage your project's scope with precision and clarity:

  • Define Boundaries: Establish the scope to encapsulate all necessary tasks and clearly exclude what's not part of the project.
  • Manage Expectations: Maintain clear, achievable project goals that align with stakeholder expectations.
  • Control Change: Carefully manage scope adjustments to avoid 'scope creep' and protect the project timeline and budget.

By sticking to the roadmap outlined by a well-defined project scope, you instigate efficiency, control costs, and deliver on-point, overcoming project complexities with an air of confidence.