Project Meeting Agenda

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What is a Project Meeting Agenda?

A project meeting agenda is crucial when discussing the management of capital projects in a team. Without an agenda, the meeting may not achieve its intended purpose.

An agenda sets the tone of the meeting by identifying its objectives and purpose. These objectives could include providing status updates from each project team committee or discussing upcoming milestones and deadlines.

What a Project Meeting Agenda does:

  • Introduce the capital project team and define their responsibilities
  • Establish a common understanding of the project's aims and objectives
  • Ensure that all stakeholders buy into the project plan
  • Identify and address any risks or concerns that may affect the capital project
  • Verify that everyone is aligned and prepared to progress to the next project stage

What’s included in the template:

  • An attendance list of capital project team members present in the meeting
  • A clearly numbered list of items your project team needs to discuss
  • Suggestions on the aspects that need to be brought up during a meeting about capital projects.

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