Proposal Content for Client Side Project Management Firms

Ready to use methodology content for direct copy, paste, into your tender or RFP pursuits to ensure you win work.

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About this Proposal Content for Client Side Project Management Firms

Winning tenders and Request for Proposals (RFPs) are vital for project and program consultants to have a successful business - especially in capital project management. As client-side project management experts, consulting firms must clearly demonstrate their strengths generally in four key areas: People, Methodology, Past Experience, and Pricing.

A favourable response should not only demonstrate the consultant's capability and suitability for the project, but be ready to be compared and contrasted against others vying for the job. Responses need to be sharp, put your best foot forward and provide competative edge in your methodology to ensure you make it to negotiations.

  • Have you provided a methodology that is better than competitors?
  • What innovations have you brought to the table?
  • Will your approach pique the interest of the reader?
  • How can technology make your methodology more efficient, more effective?

Rather than create your own winning content, we've provided a detailed methodology outline for you to use that is proven to win work and give you a competative edge.

Template Highlights

✔ We've competed in hudreds of competative pursuits and distilled our most valuable Mastt related methodology content into one document.

✔ Professional text descriptions in dot point format for direct copy paste.

✔ All critical methodology areas covered i.e. how you will manage as client side project manager: Reporting, Dashboards, Budgeting, Contracts, Payments, Risks, Meetings & More

✔ Free Mastt screenshots for visualising the experience for the reader in your responses.

What’s included

✔  1 x 19-Page Word Document filled with rich text and screenshots

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