Need some 'gold dust'

to sprinkle on your RFP pursuit (and win)?

Bring added program insights and decision-making value to your methodology with Mastt’s intelligent data gathering and executive dashboards. We help qualified teams get RFP wins.

🏆 The recipe for winning 🏆

People – you’ve got the right team and respond with high quality resumes

Experience – you’ve got the right experience in the right sector and similar programs

Methodology (powered by Mastt) – Get an extra edge and demonstrate how your program is more efficient, more effective and delivers more value with Mastt

How you manage Dashboards & Reporting

The old way

Do you prepare and maintain a dashboard using a complicated system of spreadsheets and old charting tools?

The gold dust

We bring out of the box program insights and decision-making value. Clients see intelligent data gathering and executive dashboards.

How you assess and manage risks

The old way

Do you monitor clients’ key risks with the old risk register?

The gold dust

Automate risk visualisations in transparent dashboards. Enable real-time decision making

How you control Costs & Budget

The old way

What solution do you offer to complement a client’s PMIS? Or do you bring your own?

The gold dust

Standardised best practice for program controls. We reduce handling of information and power workforce efficiencies

Program wide visibility of project phase & schedules

The old way

Do you have a plan to aggregate P6 schedules into a digestible, key schedule milestone view across projects?

The gold dust

Our reporting tools can show clients their rolled-up key schedule milestones … in one click. Easily identify cross program improvement opportunities.

How will you govern the program for control and compliance

The old way

Don’t govern your program with a system of spreadsheet templates that aren’t controlled and impossible to aggregate.

The gold dust

Unlock governance value with adminstered, scalable and efficient program controls. We integrate finance, risk, dashboard and analytics features in a single automated system

Demonstrate ROI on Operational and Capital Costs

Get super powers for your program management consulting work.  
Deliver real capital cost returns for your client while benefiting from great margins yourself.

If you’re a program manager in an RFP pursuit….