Mastt is with you
at every step

Customer satisfaction is in our DNA and we
ensure you receive the support you need.

We ensure that your journey with us is seamless right from your very first interaction

Our range of support services cater to quick questions, deep feature understanding and an ongoing collaboration as the system evolves with the demands of industry.

Live Demo

Tailored demonstrations and a relevant business development manager that understands your specific requirements and can tailor the setup to include what you need and nothing else.


Our one on one training is part of our engagement process to ensure we navigate the system together and get you comfortable with the full suite of features available. We can also arrange for group training sessions either remotely or on-site to give you every chance of team success.


We maintain detailed technical documentation to assist your developers in understanding integration specifications. We are a close partner with Microsoft and can assist in determining the right strategy for any security or cloud hosting alternatives.

Online Community

Join our community of users to share ideas and discover innovative ways to use Mastt to maximize your experience.


Our industry experts help you align your existing project/portfolio data so that we can efficiently stand up your system and get you off spreadsheets to disparate documents as quickly as possible.

Online Tutorials

We have developed a range of online tutorials and demonstrations that you can easily access at any time to assist you with core functionality and to act as a refresher for any staff that use the system.


You talk and we listen. At Mastt we have distilled all requests for information into a set of extensive FAQs that help with common enquiries.

success manager

All of our customers are assigned a dedicated customer success manager who will periodically reach out to you to listen to your needs and offer support. We also update you regularly on new features and general happenings at Mastt to ensure you share in whatever industry insights we have available.


Our intuitive onboarding tools ensure that you understand all required functionality and can easily navigate Mastt like a pro in record time.


We have a dedicated ticketing system to log every request and to funnel the support requests into a centralised location. Our help menu is also extremely comprehensive and regularly updated in line with the volume of requests that we receive.

Customer service

If you need support pertaining to your account, functionality or any other general services we have a customer support team ready willing and able to assist you over the telephone or on video calls.

Feature review

We are always hungry for feedback to keep improving our services and to maximize the benefits you receive. We maintain a detailed product roadmap and are always appreciative of your suggestions in improving the system and our services.

With Mastt, our client can see the status of the project anytime, reducing back and forth queries, and most importantly not having to wait until the end of the month to receive a monthly report.

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