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Muvi Cinemas uses real-time reporting to conquer program milestones

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Key Results:

Compass Project Consulting (CPC) is a highly acclaimed project management consultancy operating in the MENA region. It has won Project Management Company of the Year two years running, by challenging the norm and  innovating ways to deliver great outcomes for clients.

Implementation User: Compass Project Consulting

Owner /Client: Muvi Cinemas

Project background

In 2018, after a relaxation of religious laws that banned cinemas in Saudi Arabia, Muvi Cinemas began planning, designing, and building one of the region’s largest portfolios of cinema complexes.

Headquartered in Riyadh, Muvi Cinemas is Saudi Arabia’s first local cinema brand. It opened its first location in 2019 and plan to open and operate 750+ screens in 76 locations by 2026. Its rollout plan is aggressive and need to be highly focussed on cost and time milestones.

CPC was engaged by Muvi for Project and Cost Management of the works program.  

CPC won the Project Management Company of the Year 2021 award at the Middle East Consultant Awards 2021 – for the 2nd consecutive year!


CPC was engaged for Project, and Cost Management of the Muvi Cinemas program of works, acting for Muvi Cinemas.

Muvi Cinemas made a significant capital investment to deliver 20+ cinemas across Saudi and look to realise their investment as soon as possible. As a result, Muvi Cinema focuses heavily on achieving key milestones and managing risks of long lead time procurements. To ensure the client is across the progress of projects and overall delivery of the program, Compass reports weekly to Muvi Cinema.

Muvi Cinemas committed to opening 20+ cinemas across Saudi.

Muvi Cinemas made a significant capital investment to initially deliver 20+ cinemas as quickly as possible. With a heavy focus on achieving key milestones and managing risks of long lead time procurements, Compass reported weekly to Muvi management. Timely progress updates across the projects and overall delivery of the program was crucial for the owner.

At the time CPC used a complicated array of documents managed by different departments and project teams that then needed to be aggregated. Additional resources were required to collate the information and ensure that the data was accurate and free of errors.

Traditionally we used a series of spreadsheets and PowerPoints templates, manually updated on a weekly basis by various teams and departments. Then we consolidated this information into a consistent format for reporting. Highlighting key information to clients running many concurrent projects is imperative … but it isn’t simple.

Mohammed Salameh, CPC Associate

CPC decided to find a more innovative system to provide client reports.


CPC specifically wanted a simple, cost-effective solution that was easy to set up and suitable for all clients. It identified that a bespoke reporting solution was too slow and costly for most clients. The value proposition of going digital didn’t add up for most.

Mastt’s fit for purpose SaaS software solved these problems.

Custom reporting solutions are a huge investment, and not justifiable for most clients. We wanted something that had rules in place to ensure best-practice Project Management, but still gave us the control to customise based on the client’s and industry nuances. Mastt allowed us to do this. We can manage and report on an individual project, multiple projects in a program, and we can also roll up project information from multiple clients to satisfy our own internal reporting requirements.

It was an easy decision for us to use Mastt. It’s cost-effective, easy to use, and a quick set up. We implemented Mastt and transitioned all of our existing projects in a matter of hours, with new projects set up in less than 30 minutes."

Mohammed Salameh
Associate Director, CPC

Moving to Mastt is one of the best decisions my team has ever made. Mastt’s user-friendly interface makes it easy and fast for the project teams to update as things happen on site.

Mohammed Salameh,

Associate Director, Compass Project Consulting

Key Results

Enhanced transparency with timely reporting for decision-makers

By using Mastt, Compass has been able to deliver accurate and consistent weekly reporting, that highlights key progress on milestone and cost performance, with photo evidence to validate this to the client.

Having live dashboards has supported CPC’s ability to conduct live briefing sessions on project and program performance as well as produce PDF time-stamped reporting on project and program performance. Decisions are made and updated instantly, with no additional admin overhead needed.

As data is automatically, non-subjectively aggregated up for program insights and to provide prediction capabilities, project managers and owners then don’t have to worry about data errors, allowing them time to add value in other areas.

“Moving to Mastt is one of the best decisions my team has ever made. Mastt’s user-friendly interface makes it easy and fast for the project teams to update as things happen on site. Data we enter into the system is immediately reflected in one single dashboard, making it easier to find any information and check for errors, instead of spending our weekends to fix Excel errors. Mastt also helps me review and manage the performance at a program level. I can see the updates as things happen on site, giving me confidence that what we are reporting is accurate."

The use of visuals on Mastt’s dashboard makes it easy for project teams to convey key information to our client. The client also likes the transparency of data, and how they are able to log in on their own to get live updates as opposed to referring back to static reports.”

With a reputation of being best in class, Mastt builds on the industry reputation CPC has established. Clients deserve the best and Mastt is another tool that demonstrated to the client they are always progressing, to ensure they provide the best possible service.

“Mastt has allowed us to continue to wow our clients, we deliver to and above and beyond on site, and now we present this is an amazing way off site rounding out the whole experience.”

Mohammed Salameh

Project Info

Mastt Customer:
Compass Project Consulting
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Retail & Entertainment
Program Value:
AUD $200 Million
Program Owner:
Muvi Cinemas
Cost and Reporting
Agreement Type:
Program Agreement
Project Background:
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Portfolio Masterplan Insight:
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