10-Point Dashboard Design Checklist for Capital Project Reporting

This 10 Point checklist will help you design an effective capital project, capital program, board or reporting dashboard. Great for client side project managers!

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About the 10 Point Dashboard Design Checklist

Dashboards need to make you look professional. Also, they must effectively communicate the status of the capital project or capital program:

  • What are the key questions the dashboard should answer?
  • How should the dashboard be arranged?
  • What forum will it be used in?
  • What story do we want it to tell?

This 10-Point Dashboard Design Checklist will help you think about, design and deliver effective capital project, capital program, board or reporting dashboards. This checklist is great for client side project managers or anyone seeking best practice or 'how to' in capital project reporting!

Template Highlights

✔ We've researched thousands of Dashboards to create a gold standard checklist

✔ Follow a simple, easy, 10 Point Checklist of best practices for building your capital project report or dashboard effectively

✔ Easily share the single page checklist with your team

✔ Incorporate the checklist into your business Quality Management System

What’s included

✔ 1 x PDF 10 Point Checklist

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