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What is a Project Status Report?

A Project Status Report is a key reporting document used to communicate the current status of a construction / Capital Project. The Project Status Report provides updates on various aspects such as progress, budget, timeline, risks or issues, and any changes in scope. These types of reports are generally a communication tool amongst stakeholders, including Project Managers, General Contractor, Project Owners, and investors, ensuring everyone is informed about the current project 'Status' hence the name.

What is a Project Status Report Template?

Since Project Status Reports are issued regularly throughout the life of a project, a template provides a standardized format so everytime it is used, it is familiar and easy. This template helps ensure that all relevant information is consistently communicated in a clear and structured manner. By using a Project Status Template like this, project managers can more efficiently compile and present critical data, which aids in decision-making for Project Owners.

How to Write a Project Status Report

Creating an awesome Project Status Report involves several key considerations, so we wrote a best practice Project Status Report guide you can use to build the best report possible. Please read it, otherwise here are some general steps.

  1. Project Information: Start with basic project details such as project name, report date, project manager, and review period. It's also good to add a cool pic for visual reference.
  2. Executive Summary: Provide a brief overview of the project status, highlighting key developments, overall project health, and a quick snapshot of budget and schedule adherence.
  3. Schedule and Milestones: Update on the project timeline, noting any achieved milestones since the last report and outlining upcoming deadlines. Highlight any deviations from the original schedule.
  4. Budget Status: Present a summary of the financial status, including budgeted vs. actual spending. Mention any financial risks or opportunities that have arisen.
  5. Risks: List current risks or issues impacting the project, along with actions taken to resolve them. Include any unresolved problems and planned steps to address them.
  6. Changes in Scope: Document any changes to the project scope, including reasons for the changes and their impact on schedule and budget.
  7. Next Steps: Outline the immediate next steps planned for the project to maintain momentum and address any concerns.

How to Use This Project Status Report Template

Rather than communicating updates with hundreds of outdated and confusing spreadsheets, switch to one of these Microsoft PowerPoint based Project Status Report that you can easily customise and visualise all your important metrics - in one page. This Project Status Report Template is pretty easy, so download it and go crazy!

  • Download and Customize: Download the template and modify it to fit the specific needs of your project. Adjust the layout or sections as necessary based on project complexity and stakeholder requirements.
  • Fill in the Details: Populate the template with the latest project information. Ensure accuracy and clarity to provide a true and transparent view of the project status.
  • Review and Approve: Have the report reviewed by key project personnel before distribution. This ensures that all information is accurate and that all significant issues are included.
  • Distribute: Share the completed report with all relevant stakeholders. Regular and timely distribution is key to effective project communication.
  • Archive: Keep records of all status reports as part of the project’s documentation. These are valuable for historical reference and future analysis.

Best Practice Project Status Report Template Highlights

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What’s included in the Project Status Report Template

✔ Zip file of 4 x Project Status Report (Board Report, Complex Dashboard, Portrait Dashboard and Simple Project Status Report)

✔ Microsoft PowerPoint Formats.

How Mastt can help with automated Project Status Reports

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