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Winning work & boosting reputation: How Mastt prevents error, automates quality and increases transparency

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Key Results:


Proven PM is a leading, innovative project management company in Western Australia with a track record of delivering exceptional projects for some of Australia's leading Project Owners. Proven’s team, including Project Director Gavin Tucker and Project Manager Amy Brennan, are highly experienced, innovative, commercially attuned with a deep passion for exceeding client expectations.

Proven PM is a leading, innovativeproject management company founded by Greg Rowe


Proven PM identified existing spreadsheet-based systems as a reputational risk to their business due to ongoing errors, heavy time consumption and erosion of quality. This way of working was not aligned with their mantra of exceeding client expectations. Due to spreadsheets, Proven faced:

Reputational Risks due to lack of Quality: Despite developing a comprehensive spreadsheet solution for managing project budgets & costs, each project was different and manipulating the spreadsheet led to errors and loss of quality control across the business.

Low confidence: Quality control issues combined with the cumbersome task of preparing data for clients reduced Proven’s confidence in reporting.

Sending Spreadsheets was making life difficult for clients: Clients receiving word/spreadsheet data faced difficulty and had a poor experience attempting to figure out the spreadsheet and where to get their information.

“Our previous tool was an Excel cost tracker that was developed for us, but we had to try and use that cost tracker for every project. Every project is different, and we found that we had to manipulate spreadsheet, which led to errors and loss of quality control....

.......It’s even as simple as where the cost trackers are filed. We’ve got different file structures for every project and trying to think, ‘Where did somebody actually file this?’ and ‘Where is the latest?' "

Gavin Tucker, Project Director


Proven PM selected Mastt as the industry-leading Reporting Platform, meeting their criteria of ensuring quality control in financial management and increasing confidence in reporting. Mastt’s solution was onboarded in a matter of hours, eliminating the complex, error-prone spreadsheets in favour of Mastt’s easy-to-use, automated solution for cost tracking, reporting and client access.

"It comes down to quality control. Our primary job is to control time, cost, and quality on a project, and if we’re making errors or our tools are making errors, that represents badly to our clients. For us, that is a reputational risk just too big. Mastt solves this"

Gavin Tucker, Project Director

Proven PM utilises Mastt for:

🟢 Live Reporting & ‘Self-Serve’ Client Access: Proven’s clients can access Mastt information in a standardised, easy-to-use format with deep drill-down capability, increasing transparency and instilling confidence. Clients can self-serve data and do not wait for Proven to report.

🟢 Standardising Quality: Proven achieved standardised quality control in Mastt’s solution, which automates all budget, contract, and payment elements in a single system. Mastt combines industry best practices with a familiar look and feel, making staff transition simple and easy.

🟢 Automation: Furthermore, Proven’s enterprise licence ensures they can use Mastt for any project, saving time, increasing quality and eliminating the risk of error-prone spreadsheet manipulations from their business.

“...ability for our client access to live reports! They can get in and look at Mastt themselves. They’re not waiting for us to send them a report or send them a spreadsheet that they then have to try and figure out how to use. Now, they can easily just access Mastt, click through, and see that information live"

Gavin Tucker, Project Director

Proven have digitised their financial controls to increase quality.

Key Results / Benefits

Proven’s approach to innovation and exceeding client expectations with Mastt has realised great benefits:

🔷 Increased Client Satisfaction, reduced reputation risk and winning repeat work: Proven clients are realising value from the enhanced quality, transparency, and self-service reporting provide by Proven via Mastt. This is leading to greater client confidence and repeat work.  

🔷 Quality Control: Proven have increased the quality of work across the team thanks to Mastt’s best practice platform. Rather than staff members wasting time on complex spreadsheets, time is reinvested into services, increasing quality further.

🔷 Time and Cost Savings: Proven have benefited from time savings and cost efficiencies after deploying Mastt. The automation of financial management, reporting tasks and payment certificates has led to the execution of work faster, saving hours per project per month.

Proven PM provides Project Management and Superintendent services toclients such as the Anglican Schools Commission


Proven continues to improve its project management practice using the Mastt Reporting Platform, discovering new and creative ways to increase their quality of service to some of Australia’s leading Project Owners.

“ (our team) spends a lot of time during that end-of-month reporting period, updating Word documents, Excel cash flow or cost reports for clients. In Mastt, this is already done...we are moving toward just adding a few little final details of the current status on a dashboard and then clicking a button - and the report’s done. We see a significant benefit coming in aligning reporting with our clients"

Gavin Tucker, Project Director

Congratulations, Greg, Gavin, Amy & the Proven team, on your exceptional services to your clients and our industry!

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