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Mostyn Copper transforms its project delivery process

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Key Results:


MostynCopper is a Sydney-based consultancy that provides specialist project management services for owners of capital construction projects.

Founded more than a decade ago, Mostyn Copper has managed major construction programs for some of Australia‘s most respected names in health and aged care, education, sport and leisure, and commercial property development.

It provides a full suite of capital program advisory services, with a strong focus on project and development management.


Technology needed to maximise client value

With a significant construction portfolio under its remit, Mostyn Copper faced a capacity limit with its team of 50 program directors and project managers.

In order to deliver great results for its asset owners clients, it needed efficient software to streamline and standardise operations. With better technology, the value of its advisory services would improve too.

Mostyn Copper needed to standardise data entry for consistent reporting across its project and program managers

Lack of visibility, double handling of project data, duplication of effort, limited standardisation and enforcement

The inefficiencies facing Mostyn Copper are common in the capital project management industry:

There was a general lack of visibility across project data - for both clients and internal PMs. Lack of visibility for clients and inadequate communication potentially caused decision-making delays and bottlenecks, impacting cost, schedule and risk outcomes.

Data was also being double-handled - both for data entry and regular client reporting. This (unnecessary) duplication of effort meant lower productivity from existing PM teams, performing mundane tasks rather higher-level management of the construction process. The absence of standardised data processes also meant additional oversight from project directors to ensure data quality was enforced.

It's completely transformed how we deliver projects. A key benefit is the ability for our clients to be able to log in and see the live dashboard and be able to see a status of the project financials including any variations and claims which may be due.


"Mastt has de-risked our portfolio of work, given us greater efficiencies and a renewed focus on delivery."

Mastt's automated, customised project reporting dashboards have allowed Mostyn Copper's employees to accomplish more in less time, leading to higher overall productivity. There is no longer a need to double-handle cost, risk or schedule data.

“Another key benefit is the ability for our clients to be able to log in and see the live dashboard and be able to see a status of the project financials including any variations and claims which may be due," says Project Director Tom Booth.

Implementing Mastt to track progress, financial status, and meet schedule deadlines has helped Mostyn Copper meet or exceed its clients’ expectations. Combining time efficiencies with a renewed focus on delivery has lead to improved customer and employee satisfaction, as well as improved Mostyn Copper's competitiveness when bidding on construction management work.

The Australian Turf Club: The successful completion of another project managed end to end by Mostyn Copper

Greater operational visibility & ongoing benefits

Through its use of Mastt, Mostyn Copper has a more comprehensive view of each project and team member in the company. Mastt gives executives the opportunity to compare data across Projects, Program and Portfolio to easily identify risks, red flags and trends that require them to step in, take action and support for the best outcome.

“As a sectorised business, it’s really important that we can compare data over a program on a portfolio level, Mastt enables us to do that”.

By closing the loop across people systems and processes, Mostyn Copper is able to take client feedback directly to the team at Mastt. Together we assemble new ideas and devise plans to ensure we are all equipped with the right tools to adapt to everchanging circumstances and achieve sustainable growth.

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