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CARAS automate portfolio reporting for 70+ projects, boosting client satisfaction

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Key Results:


CARAS is a leading advisory and project management firm committed to delivering better environments for their asset owner clients and the communities around them. CARAS are experts in construction project and program management, with a proven track record of guiding projects from inception to completion.

CARAS is a leading advisory andproject management firm based in Sydney, Australia, serving national clients

Background / Problem

When CARAS was awarded a $50m+ Program of Capital Projects for a national client, they anticipated significant reporting challenges. With over 70 different projects, all in different phases and with separate budgets, consolidation and project oversight proved a challenge.

No Standardisation: Using spreadsheets with dozens of tabs and formulas across 70+ projects would make it difficult to ensure consistent and accurate reporting.

Manual Aggregation: Manually aggregating 70+ project spreadsheets and multiple tabs would have been cumbersome.

Reporting & Client Expectations: Presenting old school reports and spreadsheet data to their client is a quality & reputational risk for CARAS.

“(before Mastt) was messy, we couldn’t see how projects were tracking. Each project had its own spreadsheet to update, and they (projects) were not linked together. We were also saving stuff on Procore drive, where 2 people can't look at the sameinformation…
….as new projects were added to the portfolio, a new spreadsheet was created, each with multiple tabs. To make matters worse, PMs would then add their own tabs, so some had more than others, nothing was standardised.”

Lachlan Morgan, Project Manager

Lachlan from CARAS observing a MasttDashboard report & financial ledger


CARAS turned to Mastt for its leading Reporting Platform to overcome these challenges and deliver outstanding results for their national client. CARAS sought to save time, increase staff efficiency and deliver better, faster reporting on this complex program of 70+ projects. CARAS deployed the Mastt Reporting Platform quickly and easily at Project, Program and Portfolio levels:

  • Project: Instant & automated setup of 70+ projects.
  • Program: Automated program dashboards for 10 individual regions.
  • Portfolio: Automated portfolio dashboard, providing a single view of all 70+ projects
As a business owner, having Mastt’s reporting platform in place gives megreat confidence that the team is working in a standardised best practicemanner, providing an extremely high-quality service"

Niall Byrne, Director

Key solutions for CARAS in selecting Mastt, were:

🟢 Fast Setup: Mastt provided standardised project tools out of the box, ensuring best practice and standardisation and no setup effort on 70+ projects.

🟢 Automated Data Roll-Up: With projects standardised in Mastt, CARAS benefited from Mastt’s automated data aggregation, eliminating the need for manual data checking, double handling and aggregation to create Program and Portfolio reports.  

🟢 Quality Control: Mastt ensures quality and consistency across the program, simplifying the reporting process and ensuring CARAS deliver high-quality, timely project and portfolio reporting on a monthly basis.

🟢 Comprehensive Reporting and Drill Down: Mastt automated charts, table and other visualizations for CARAS allowing self-serve report curation to meet the needs of each Project, Program and Portfolio.

“Everything is in Mastt’s platform, there is no sifting through folders. It’s all in one place, live, so we don’t have to worry about using an outdated spreadsheet. Super helpful to have live data, in a consolidated easy to access spot”

Lachlan Morgan, Project Manager
CARAS report to their national clientusing a customised Project Owner Dashboard

Key Results / Benefits

Mastt'sReporting Platform automated and streamlined the reporting and managementprocesses for CARAS, enabling strong benefits realization, including:

🔷 Increased Client Satisfaction: CARAS’ client saw significant value from improved quality and speed of reporting. The ability to deliver visual, high-quality, timely reports strengthened the client relationship and demonstrated CARAS’ commitment to excellence​.

🔷 Improved Visibility and Decision Making: Enhanced visibility into project data allowed for better-informed decision-making processes. CARAS Head of Project Management and each Project Manager can quickly access accurate and up-to-date information, facilitating more effective project oversight and control.

🔷 Time and Cost Savings: CARAS realised significant time savings in capturing data, automating aggregation and report preparation, freeing up time for reinvestment into CARAS core services ensuring cost, time and quality outcomes.


CARAS’s adoption of Mastt transformed their program management reporting on this complex $50m program, enabling their team to handle complex reporting on 70+ projects with ease and efficiency. Mastt has become an integral tool for CARAS, who continue to deliver exceptional project management services and drive continued business growth.

Congratulations Niall, Mattia, Lachie and the CARAS team on your ongoing success.

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