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Automating Payment Certificates: Ensuring Compliance, Quality & Efficiency with Mastt

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Key Results:


Proven PM is a leading, innovative project management company in Western Australia with a track record of delivering exceptional projects for some of Australia's leading Project Owners. Proven’s team, including Project Director Gavin Tucker and Project Manager Amy Brennan, are highly experienced, innovative, commercially attuned with a deep passion for exceeding client expectations.

Proven PM is a leading, innovativeproject management company founded by Greg Rowe


Payment certificates & recommendation letters are a critical compliance task for superintendents and project managers, involving heavy checks, balances and legislation. Preparing these across many contracts on a regular and recurring basis, Proven PM recognised the heavy time wasting and lack of quality from existing methods:

Excel tools offer no standardisation, no centralisation and no visibility. Proven struggled with disparate spreadsheets in various formats of error states and manipulation. Controlling quality a challenge.

Time wasted producing Payment Certificates. Spreadsheet tools were cumbersome and risky, with complex formulas cross linking worksheets to automate a simple payment certificate. Error checking was near impossible and new staff onboarding required hours to figure it out.

The certification of payments is a major one for us at Proven PM!

Using an excel workbook, we had a certification tab, and it's quite complex formulas to transfer through to a monthly claim based on the cash flow that you've input, and so on. To teach somebody took hours

Gavin Tucker, Project Director


Proven PM selected Mastt and its leading Reporting Platform, incorporating Proven’s required solutions automating payment certificates and letters in a single, connected tool with financials. Proven PM utilises Mastt for:

🟢 Automated Cost Tracker: Proven deployed Mastt and instantly gained a scalable cost tracking software that can be use by project managers on any project, eliminating error prone spreadsheets.

🟢 Payments & Certificate Automations: Proven PM leverage Mastts for Payment Certificates, instantly producing high quality and compliant letters / certificates with a  single click.

"With Mastt, you click a button on the payment, it's so simple to understand. Click, and there's your payment certificate, without any errors"

Amy Brennan, Project Manager

Key Results / Benefits

Proven have achieved the aims of their business case with Mastt,realising the following benefits:

🔷 Quality Control: Producing compliance, high quality payment certificates is a key task for Proven PM that has been automated. Proven eliminated human error, ensure compliance, and can be confident all staff are producing the same high quality and consistent work.

🔷 Time Savings & Staff Efficiencies: Proven has realised significant time savings by automating time consuming tasks such as manually producing payment certificates. Furthermore, working in a simple, easy to use solution has dramatically reduced internal training time.  

🔷 Increased Client Satisfaction / Remove reputation risk: Clients are recognising value from Proven’s improved quality of work, powered by Mastt. The ability for proven to deliver high-quality, timely project work such as Payment Certificates, strengthened the client relationships and confidence.

Proven PM have been innovating with Mastt on improved Payment Certificates


By adopting Mastt's Reporting Platform, Proven PM successfully automated the production of payment certificates, ensuring compliance, quality and client satisfaction. This automation resulted in significant time savings, improved staff efficiency, and reduced internal training requirements.

Congratulations Proven PM on being one of Australia’s most innovative firms achieving success for your clients.

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