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Free Change Order Template. Ready to use Microsoft Excel format for construction change orders.

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What is a Construction Change Order?

A Change Order is a contractual agreement that modifies the original contract amount and/or terms between parties involved in Capital Projects, most often between the Project Owner/General Contractor or General Contractor/Subcontractors. A Change Order in construction is typically used to address adjustments in the project's scope, schedule, or budget caused by a new instructions, unforeseen challenges or stakeholder requests. Change Orders have cost and time implications to the contract amount and often the overall Capital Project, hence an effective change order process is important to completion of a Capital Project.

What is a Change Order Template?

Change Orders in construction are regular occurances and so it makes sense to standardise a form or template to keep things consistent. When used, a Change Order becomes a contractual document and a method for documenting alterations to the original contract. By using a standard form or template, this helps ensure that all parties involved are aligned and agree to the changes before proceeding.

How to Write a Change Order

Writing an effective Change Order involves clear communication and detailed documentation. Here are key steps to follow:

  1. Describe the Change: Clearly articulate what changes are needed compared to the original plan or contract. This should include a detailed description of the new work, materials, or processes required.
  2. Reason for the Change: Explain why this change is necessary. Reasons might include unforeseen site conditions, changes in materials availability, regulatory requirements, or changes requested by the client.
  3. Impact on the Project: Detail how the change will affect the overall project, including impacts on the schedule, costs, and any other contractual terms.
  4. Updated Schedule: Provide an updated timeline that reflects how the change will affect project milestones and the overall completion date.
  5. Cost Details: Itemize the costs associated with the change, including labor, materials, and any other expenses. Clearly state the total additional cost that the change order will bring.
  6. Approval Signatures: Include spaces for all necessary parties to sign off on the change order, indicating their agreement to the terms specified.

How to use this Change Order Template

This Change Order Template is designed to simplify the process of managing changes during a project. Here’s how to effectively use this template:

  • Download and Customize: Download the template and tailor it to the specifics of your project. This may include adding your company logo or adjusting the fields to better suit your needs.
  • Fill in the Details: Use the sections provided to document the change as outlined above. Ensure all fields are filled comprehensively to provide a clear and enforceable record of the agreed changes.
  • Review and Approve: Have all relevant parties review the completed change order. This review process helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures mutual agreement before implementation.
  • Implement Changes: Once the change order is approved, distribute it to all stakeholders and integrate the changes into the project plan.
  • Keep Records: Store a copy of each signed change order as part of the project’s official documentation. This will be valuable for reference and in case of audits or disputes.

Change Order Template Highlights:

✔ Detailed Format: Covers all essential aspects of a change order, ensuring thorough documentation.

✔ Ready-to-Use: Pre-formatted for immediate application by Subcontractor, General Contractor or Project Manager.

✔ Customizable: Adaptable to meet specific project or contractual needs.

✔ Professional Layout: Ensures that the document can be used in formal settings and is suitable for legal purposes.

What’s Included:

✔ 1 x Microsoft Excel Change Order Template: Ready for you to download, customize, and use in managing project changes.

How Mastt can help with Change Orders in Construction

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